Why Should Children Play Online Games?

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These days, online games are so popular that children love to sit at home and simply enjoy it. Parents are sometimes against playing games because of the harm the online games can create to their child. Free online games portal such as friv is one of the best places where children can enjoy the online games. As per studies, the online games can improve the concentration level of the brain. Read more about this in www.iflscience.com/brain/playing-video-games-good-your-brain-here-s-how/. Playing online games can have a positive impact on the children. While playing games, the brain also gets the exercise which is much needed for a student. Here are some of those advantages which the students can get by playing online games.

Normally, playing online games are considered lazy and sedating. However, the flip side is that it helps the student in their learning process. For example, students who are interested in playing shooter games have got a more accurate and faster attention allocation, visual processing, spatial reasoning and enhanced mental rotation ability. Such kind of abilities is much needed for sports, arts, music, etc. The student’s speed, precision, accuracy, and dexterity get improved when they play online games. These motor skills make them capable enough to face any situation in their life. Students who play games such as Prince of Persia and Angry birds have got comparatively better hand-eye coordination than anyone. This ability will help the student to perform well when it comes to music and sports.

The decision-making ability will be more in the students who play online games. Without losing the accuracy, they will be able to make decisions faster. When they get used to playing online games, they will get the ability to do multitasking and help in effective strategic planning. Another advantage of playing the games online is that it enhances the creativity and imagination of the students. The reasoning skills will get enhanced which is necessary for engineering and architectural courses.

Playing online games have got a significant impact on enhancing the problem-solving skills, which helps the student to achieve good academic results. Many universities have accepted this advantage of online games. The abilities of a student get sharpened when they play online games. Their concentration level increases and their brain will get enough exercise as well. These factors can help the student to achieve success in their academic year. Some people believe that students who play online games are isolated. However, the fact is that students who play online games such as Farmville, etc. get connected with a lot of people with the help of social media. This helps them to stay active socially and also helps them to have good, lasting friendship with people who have got the same interest in the online games.

As per studies, students who suffer from stress, anger, and anxiety, etc. can get those symptoms relieved when they start to play online games. Once they get into the world of online games, they will start to take things positively. They will interact with more people and will start to gain confidence in them. However, too much of everything is bad for anyone. So, the students can spend a good time in playing online games along with getting active socially as well.